Questions for People: Slave Quarters


Would you date a man if you knew his family owned slaves? Like, for a fact, on the land that his family was still living on.

So today I was browsing Reddit and I came across this post:

This slave house is still standing on my family’s farm in Tennessee. Not proud of it, but a part of history nonetheless. Before my family, the land belonged to the Cherokee. Not proud of that either.” (He sounds a little proud)

And after I read it, my over-active imagination immediately painted a scene where we were dating, walking hand to hand to meet his folks and they’re taking me to tour the property and they go “these are the slave quarters (which we like to keep around for some reason)”.

And I go “I can’t do this.” And immediately turn around and walk away (while my slave ancestors clap approvingly…probably from somewhere around 6 feet beneath me.

I’m probably the only one with the elaborate fantasy, but does anyone else feel that way?


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