“Why You Bringing Up Old Shit?” Black Adam: The Dark Age #3

Black Adam

Black Adam #3 features Black Adam vs. Hawk Man: The battle no one really cared about seeing.

But what  I don’t understand is that Black Adam is clearly over murder and mayhem. Why is the Justice League so hell-bent on killing him anyway?

It’s not like he’s the first reformed character in comic-dom. All he wants (*sniff*) is to get his lady back (*sniff*) and those Justice League jerks are just being haters.

Black Adam: The Dark Age

So watching Black Adam spank Hawkman and then drop him from a great height was pretty satisfying. Black Adam takes the amulet piece, makes off with it and gets shot. But they can’t fool me. I know he’s not dead. There are 3 more issues left in the series. 

Tune in next time so we can all find out that Black Adam is totally not dead after all.

But before that, can we take a second to talk about Hawkman’s guns? What kind of workout regimen is this bird on?

Black Adam: The Dark Age


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