Unnecessary Apologies and Black Adam: The Dark Age #2

Black Adam: The Dark Age

My favorite thing about Black Adam is quickly becoming his gratuitous apologies.

Like before he disembowels a yeti and uses his entrails to rappel down a canyon to grab Isis’ bones, he gives him a super sweet apology about needing to live to resurrect his lady love.

But in the nine or ten panels where Black Adam is riding with the corpses he killed to steal their cars? Nothing. Not even a proper burial. It’s hilarious.

Black Adam: The Dark Age

Unfortunately, this episode wasn’t all fun and games for our favorite anti-hero. Last issue, it looked like Isis was totally resurrected and still into him. But, lucky for the plot line, she dissolved back into goo almost as soon as she solidified.

Now Black Adam has to fly all around the world to gather the pieces of Isis’ old amulet which Mary Marvel was prescient enough to scatter to the far ends of the earth way before this particular plot line cropped up. 

Tune in for the next epsiode!


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