Cannibalism, The Anti-Hero and Black Adam: The Dark Age #1

Black Adam: The Dark Age

Question. In the super hero world, is it ever OK to eat your minions?

Cannibalism is generally a bad idea, I get that. But in Black Adam’s defense, it is a long way to Lazarus’ rejuvenating waters. And he totally needs to get there to resurrect his old girlfriend Isis. I guess the real question is did he forget to bring snacks along the way? Or did he just figure that his acolytes were coming along so why bother?

The “anti-hero” is one of my favorite philosophical concepts. Is Black Adam the bad guy for dispatching those that get in his way? Or is he just really good at getting at he wants and therefore “good” at what he does?

And are The Justice League still good guys if they’re trying to kill Black Adam? And what about the collateral damage that they leave along the way?

Stay tuned for the next episode… (if you didn’t already read this in 2007 when it came out).


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